General terms and conditions of business of Kir Royal Taxi Munich

Here we inform you about our terms and conditions. They are available in English, always at “” and will be sent to your e-mail address after approval (Article 246 § 3 No. 2 and 4 of the German Civil Code). In the overview: – We provide you with taxis in and around Munich (I.) – On the other hand you can book with us for a fixed price trips with taxis and car hire and drivers (II.). Payment is online. – The other conditions, such as liability and operating restrictions apply to both booking variants (III.-VI.).


I. Intermediate Taxis

Kir Royal Taxi Munich provides the contact between taxi drivers and users. If a user sends a transport request that the taxpayer accepts, a contract of carriage is concluded between the two. Not Kir Royal Taxi Munich, but only the taxi driver is liable for transportation, so even if it appears late or not at all.


II. Advance booking at the fixed price

(1) Kir Royal Taxi Munich provides transportation by taxi and car hire. On request of the user the fixed price to be paid is charged. By pressing the “Order now” button, the customer submits a contract offer at this price and agrees to the amount of his payment. By means of confirmation of the transfer, a transport contract is concluded between the user and Kir Royal Taxi Munich. These funds must be valid and sufficiently covered both at the time of the booking and after the end of the journey. Otherwise, 10,08 € plus VAT will be charged.

(2) The transport includes the number of passengers and the type of baggage required for taxis. If the user wishes to transport oversized or special luggage, he must state this in his transport request. The fixed price is thus increased if necessary.

(3) The user must wait at the departure point for the taxi driver up to 15 minutes after the agreed time, the car rental driver up to 30 minutes. From a longer waiting period, he must immediately call the driver on the transmitted telephone number. If this is unachievable or an inadequate waiting time in the individual case, the user can cancel the trip free of charge.

(4) If the user is prevented in the waiting period, e.g. due to an earlier or later arrival of his flight or train, he must also immediately call the driver on the transmitted telephone number. For the waiting period he is liable to pay damages beyond the cost of parking fees. Each begun quarter hour is charged with 15,00 Euro. The first 15 minutes waiting time is however free (45 minutes at the airport).

(5) The user may cancel car hire (Premium Transfer and Business Class) free of charge up to 24 hours before the agreed travel start, except in accordance with paragraph 3 sentence 2. If the user later, or if he breaches a duty from paragraph 3 or 4, he must pay the full fare.


III. General obligations of the user

(1) Kir Royal Taxi Munich grants to the app only the usage rights. The user is therefore responsible for the Internet access, the setting and the functionality of his terminal.

(2) The user is obligated to provide his / her personal data truthfully and completely and keep it up-to-date. It is responsible for backing up received data and the security of its user account, and is only allowed to access it.

(3) Responsibility for any content published or transmitted by the user in the app or on the website is solely the responsibility of the user. Kir Royal Taxi Munich is authorized to delete unsolicited, immoral or illegal contents without notice.

(4) If the user is responsible for an infringement, he shall indemnify Kir Royal Taxi Munich from liability against third parties, in particular the carrier, as well as the costs of adequate legal defense.

IV. Liability of Kir Royal Taxi Munich


(1) Kir Royal Taxi Munich shall be liable for negligent injury to life, body and health in accordance with statutory provisions.

(2) In the case of negligence on the part of Kir Royal Taxi Munich, Kir Royal Taxi Munich shall be liable in the event of a breach of essential contractual obligations, in particular the booking of the journey and only in the case of the fixed price booking, also the provision of the transport by the authorized driver Contract-foreseeable and contract-type damages.

(3) In addition, Kir Royal Taxi Munich shall only be liable for intent and gross negligence, including its vicarious agents.

(4) The amount is limited to the triple of the fare.

(5) The customer is obligated to notify Kir Royal Taxi Munich immediately of any complaints regarding the performance of Kir Royal Taxi Munich.

(6) Kir Royal Taxi Munich shall not be liable for the content and third party websites on the homepage. The user has no claim to be informed about a permanent and uninterrupted availability of the app or about its non-availability.


V. Place of Performance and Applicable Law

The place of performance is Munich. German law applies.


VI. Termination and exclusion from use

(1) The user may revoke the contract to use the app according to the legal regulations. In addition, the contract of use can be terminated at any time without giving reasons in written form.

(2) Kir Royal Taxi Munich may temporarily suspend or permanently exclude the user for any legal or contractual violations.


VII. Emails on news about Kir Royal Taxi Munich

With your consent, we will use your email address as permissible to send emails informing you about the news and benefits of Kir Royal Taxi Munich. You can unsubscribe at any time by using the link in each email.